Assessment Process



The Assessment Process

The aim of the process is to identify potential. We are looking for well-rounded students with a genuine interest in education in the broadest sense of the word, with interests that stretch beyond the confines of the academic curriculum. There are many extra-curricular activities, all of which are important in developing a well-balanced, confident individual.

The representative of the student makes contact with the school. The Registrar will answer initial enquiries about the nature of the school’s facilities, curriculum and ethos. If the representative is satisfied that the school may be an appropriate placement they will be invited to visit the school and then schedule a meeting with the Head. The school requests that the most recent school report and any additional educational, medical and diagnostic information is sent to the school before the meeting. The Head meets the student’s representatives with or without the prospective student to discuss the student’s educational history, needs and the provision offered by Canbury School. The paperwork is reviewed by the Head and SENCO, further information or confirmations of reports may be sought or requested by the school at any stage of the process.

 The student may then be invited for an ‘Acquaintance Day/s.’ The student will be invited to join an age appropriate teaching group and participate in a school day. The subject teachers set a number of tasks to establish the student’s current level of functioning in a variety of subjects.  The aim of the day is to establish a greater understanding of student’s skills and the potential they have to progress at Canbury School. All staff who have contact with the prospective student then give feedback to the Head about the child’s performance throughout the day, including behaviour and interaction with other students. The Head may request that the child spends another day or two in school if necessary to ensure that the correct decision can be made on whether Canbury School is suitable and can meet the child’s educational needs.

A letter confirming acceptance or expressing inability to provide a suitable educational setting is written by the Head and sent to the student’s representative(s). For new Year 7 students, an induction morning is held towards the end of the Summer Term each year. Following assessment days, the offer of a place is made within a month. If the parents wish to take up the offer they must return a completed Acceptance Form and deposit to secure the place. Applications made later in the year should respond to an offer letter within two weeks.


Assessment Process

The assessment days for September 2024 entry will take place on Wednesday 4th October 2023 and Thursday 5th October 2023.

We accept applications for Year 7 entry throughout the year. An assessment fee of £100 is payable for a one-day trial. This is in addition to the £100 registration fee

Prospective students will come in for 1 day and follow an adapted Year 7 timetable. They will also sit an online assessment. The assessment programme is called Incas and it will assess their reading, spelling, maths and mental arithmetic through a series of questions and tasks. The programme is adaptive so it will recognise if students are struggling and make the questions slightly easier and likewise if they are finding the programme too easy then it will adapt for that too. It helps us to see if we can meet their academic needs here at Canbury.

Decisions are then made by the Senior Leadership Team about 2024 places and offer letters sent out by the end of November 2023.

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