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Our School History

Canbury School was founded in 1982, by Mr John Wyatt who had previously taught in a variety of independent and mainstream day and boarding schools in England, as well as schools in the United States.

An article In the Guardian Newspaper on Thursday July 1st 1982 ran the headline: “The school where small is beautiful.” The article continued, “small is beautiful is soon to be put into practice on Kingston Hill where a private secondary school opens in September. Mr Wyatt said: “I have great faith in small schools which are able to satisfy the needs of individual pupils. It is important that pupils feel that they belong and are useful. I strongly believe in the right of parents to choose what is right for their child.”

Mr Wyatt identified a need in the education system that did not cater for students who found the large comprehensives of the time too large and anonymous. He purchased the original home of Sir Malcolm Campbell and his son Donald, and converted it into a school building. It opened in September 1982 with just five students. Canbury School has grown to a maximum of 75 students on roll, attaining charity status in 1990.

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