Physical Education

At KS3 students swim throughout the winter at the Kingfisher Pool, have a 60 minute PE lesson, and a Games Afternoon on Thursdays where options are available e.g. Football or Basketball in the first half of the Spring Term.

We aim to:

  • Promote a wide variety of sports and develop students’ enjoyment of different sporting activities
  • Improve students’ fitness
  • Encourage participation by as many students as possible in competitive sport, either through our Internal Sports Days (the swimming gala, cross country championships, sports day) or through inter House competitions, which include basketball, badminton, water polo, and table tennis
  • Offer a wide variety of inter school match experience in football/netball, basketball, table tennis, athletics, softball, cricket and tennis.
  • Participate in Kingston Borough Sports Events (cross country, athletics, golf, table tennis) and ISA London West Sports Events (cross country, swimming, athletics) as well as running our own Canbury Invitation Sports Events (cross country, football, track and field athletics).
  • Promote excellence through individual goals - especially in kayaking (paddle power awards), swimming (speed swim awards), athletics (ESAA award scheme)
  • Reward achievement through medals, recognition via written and/or video reports, newsletters, or items on the website. Truly outstanding athletes have the honour of being featured on The R.O.C.S. Shield.

At KS4 we offer the option of Edexcel short course GCSE, alongside a 1 hour PE lesson and Games on Wednesday afternoon for all, where options are available, e.g. football or rock climbing or fitness at the local gym.

Students are encouraged to use Google Apps for Education to record and share their work.

Parents, staff and students are kept up to date through What’s On this Week, published on Sundays on the PE website and emailed directly to everyone. Future sports dates are posted on the PE Google calendar, shared with parents.