Performing Arts



Performing Arts

Lights, camera, action!

Our Performing Arts programme at Canbury School provides opportunities for students in Years 7-9 to engage in the world of drama and music. In Drama we focus on building stagecraft and making the most of individual talents both onstage and off. Theatrical techniques explored include improvisation, physical theatre, slapstick comedy, storytelling, poetry, devising, script work, from Shakespeare through to TV. The work naturally builds confidence, invaluable communication skills and teamwork.

In Music we delve into the heart and soul of music and its power to makes us feel, move and think whether it’s rock and pop legends, learning the blues scale on the keyboard, singing in harmony to a ukulele, or writing our own songs.

More ambitious projects stretch our students in exciting ways, be it writing and filming our own TV and film scripts, devising adverts, creating sound effects for radio plays, choreog

raphing stage fighting, or producing music videos. Performing Arts provides a plethora of cross curricular opportunities, including English through script writing, art through storyboards, DT through set design, ICT through film editing, and music through soundtracks.

Every year our Christmas entertainment unites all three years in an original production that maximises the students’ talents and immerses them in the excitement of a full scale stage show. The show is a collaboration with a skeleton or script provided by the teacher which the students flesh out with their own ideas, characters and dialogue.

Performing arts at Btec level is highly practical and includes working towards audition, forming a Drama company and developing performance and technical skills.

Assessment Criteria

Each project in performing arts is individually assessed against 5 key criteria

  • co-operation and independence
  • responding
  • making
  • performing
  • evaluating

These criteria are used to measure success in the progression of skills and knowledge across the year.

The application of skills and knowledge spreads further than the edge of a stage or the end of a camera lens. Students grow in confidence from term to term and this is represented in their public speaking, class presentations, their imaginations and their ability to think and adapt to new situations, including their ability to work in groups.

Students in Years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to continue their love of Performing Arts in a weekly extracurricular club.