What Canbury means to me



Canbury to me means hope, understanding and friends. I have only been at Canbury for a few months, but it is already home. School is now fun and exciting and coming to school is something I actually look forward to instead of dreading. School is now my whole world and it means everything to me. We all look out for each other as a school and would do anything for each other, which is amazing as you always know someone has your back. For me Canbury means a new beginning and lots and lots of hope for the future.
Ottilie, Year 7

Canbury is a place of hope upon education and lifestyles, we are all equal and have different aspirations of where we want to be when we leave school, college etc. Canbury shows how to get along in life and to go to good places and do good things. We all have a chance to be that person that does something and keeps on doing things till they achieve what matters: friendship, education and life styles.
Dean, Year 10

Canbury means a lot to me as I can come to a place where I can be myself and be comfortable around teachers and my peers whether it is academically or socially. It also means a lot to me as Canbury helped me a lot when I first started despite having time off school and I was able to feel safe and happy being in a school environment that helps you in any way that you are struggling mentally or physically.
Eugenia, Year 10

Canbury is a very important place to me. Every day as I come in through the front door I know that I will learn something new and will have new experiences with my friends that I will cherish forever. Canbury is like a second home to me because of the amazing students and teachers.
Ruslan, Year 11

In Canbury School there is always someone around to help me. Even though year 6 was hard, Canbury School has helped me realise what I can do. For example, I had never ever done kayaking before and now I can! I felt enormously proud of myself afterwards. I have also never tried graphics before either, but it turned out to be really fun!! Canbury School makes me feel not different to everyone anymore. This makes it easier to make friends and feel more like myself. Canbury School means everything to me because it makes me feel ecstatic and very much cared for and looked after. The awards make me feel I can achieve almost anything in Canbury School.
Alannah, Year 7

I like Canbury for many reasons. Everyone knows each other. Small classes . Good staff. Good facilities and many more. I especially like this school as my grades have gone up a lot due to many good teachers. The teachers can focus on individuals as there are such small classes.
Ben, Year 11

Canbury School is a lovely place to study. I met new friends and everyone is different in their own way. I like studying there because I like learning new things and seeing my friends. When I first started Canbury I felt a bit nervous but then I felt happy that I was at Canbury School. Canbury School is like a second home to me.  I feel safe and happy. I like seeing my teachers and meeting new ones too.
Miya, Year 11

What Canbury means to me is where you can meet new people and make new friends, where you can learn new things that you did not know before, where you can also not feel cramped if before you came to a big school and you like smaller spaces so you can feel more relaxed. We are all special and unique in our own special ways.
Luca, Year 10

It is a really good school. And I really like the teachers because they are nice to me. And I have lots of friends that I really like. I like that we get packed lunches every day so we don’t need to pay any more money for the school. I really like doing kayaking at school when we did it. And now I have a school email because of Canbury. And it is closer to my house so I don’t have such a long journey and I can spend more time at home. And I have lots of friends who share the same interests as me.
True, Year 7

I think Canbury is a very respectful school. All of the pupils, when they come into the school, are equal. Canbury School is also a very happy and friendly place. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but we always sort it out in the end. I think these challenges make the school stronger as a whole. Canbury School lets everyone be an individual and we all support each other.
Lottie, Year 11

An opportunity to do well in life and a place where all teachers attend to your every need no matter how hard it maybe. In addition to that they have a brilliant range of choices in sports from kayaking to football.
Alexander, Year 9

A place to be confident and happy where I can learn and help and teach others. It means making and having friends for life and who I know I can fall back onto for support. Having teachers who well and truly care about our success, wellbeing and health and who constantly give up their own time to make sure we are both happy and safe both in and out of lessons. It means success, happiness, confidence and pride in both our academics and other aspects of school life.
Margaux, Year 12

I am grateful that I was accepted into Canbury. This is because it is a relaxing environment in comparison to my last school. I get along well with the majority of students and have made some good friends. I also enjoy the sporting activities, particularly swimming and athletics. History, Music and PE are my favourite subjects. Canbury has also given me the chance to make several day trips and to travel to Italy.
James, Year 9

I think of Canbury as safe place with wonderful people. The teachers are very understanding and caring.
Louise, Year 11

A peaceful a place where kids are nice to each other.
Shiroxley, Year 8

I like Canbury because they have very nice teachers and they are very helpful. The head teacher is amazing. If you had any questions you could go to her office and she will sort it out straight away. Also you can make really nice friends in different years. And I feel a lot better when I’m with my friends.
Ellie, Year 10


Canbury School has helped me unlock my potential. The small classes help me to engage with the subjects. The small size of the school doesn’t limit the sports it offers which I like and the option of DofE has let me challenge myself.
Harry, Year 11

The Nice Teachers. Teachers are always there if you need support, or you feel uncomfortable or simply needing help with your work. Small School. I like this school for many reasons, but one is because the school is small. This means I can get more help and feel more comfortable. Clubs! It’s super cool to have clubs at lunch time! It gives me something to do if I’m a little bit bored. House points. I really like the idea of house points it makes me feel more confident with the badges you receive! Opportunities. I love that we get lots of opportunities to do fun and exciting activities like kayaking and swimming.
Caitlin, Year 8

In my 5 years of attending Canbury School, I’ve had a time that’s been highly important to me, I would like to give a big thank you to all the teachers for helping me. Canbury School is unique and the pupils are great kids, from my humble beginnings I was emotionally naive but since then I’ve become a teenager with experience and intelligence and I’ve learned more at Canbury than at any other time of my life. It’s the one school that I’ve truly liked, I arrived at this school in year 7 a bit immature and I wasn’t confident but now I’ve matured significantly, to the point I start to feel I’ve become a young man, so thanks Canbury for everything.
Jack, Year 11

I like being at Canbury because I get to come to school with one of my friends in the taxi.
Armani, Year 7

The teachers are very helpful and will always give you there full attention they are always willing to help me with any questions I have. I started attending Canbury School this September I found it very easy to make friends and feel very happy at school, I really enjoy studying for my GCSE Business Studies and Photography. I also enjoy sports specially football. Canbury school is helping me to be more confidant with my work which will help me to achieve better results with my exams.
Ijazz, Year 10

Canbury has given me more opportunities to work more quickly because I have to learn more Be encouraged by teachers. I have learnt how to play basketball and do kayaking. Also I like science, maths and ICT. All pupils are friendly. Hope, Canbury will give me a chance to have a good job in the future.
Victor, Year 8

Canbury means quite a lot to me, all the fun students, the size is just right, not big year groups and no, I haven’t forgotten about the teachers, they are just wonderful! Canbury was much better than my previous school! Ms. Clancy is very understanding. She is very caring, she gets in quite early! Canbury is the best school I have ever been to!
Matthew, Year 7

Canbury School is a independent school with boys and girls. There are lots of lessons to learn. All the teachers, the staff, the students and the head is really friendly. The LSA’s are in lessons to help everyone in the room if they are stuck. In Games we do lots of sports like football, hockey, badminton, cross country, tennis, table tennis, netball and basketball. We also do lots of clubs like ladies that lunch club, homework club, drama club, karate and much more. School is open from 7.45 am until 4.35pm. Students do arrive from 7.45 am. Registration is at 8.10am and all lessons begin at 8.15 am and school finishes at 3.35pm or later if you have a club.
Jasmina, Year 10

Canbury School is good for me to improve my behaviour. We succeed in everything to progress to all the subjects. This really helps me to study for my life. It’s close to Richmond Park and on Thursdays we go there to Isabella Plantation to do some exercise around the park called Cross Country. The first time we went there was a pleasurable time out there for me and I just really enjoyed it there. PE is was very awesome and we’ve lots of sports such as kayaking, football, basketball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, racing or running and all kinds of sports. The teacher that does lots of Sports in KS3 & KS4 is Mr Orchard and Ms Peters. I really enjoy these lessons. I like my classmates and they are friendly. I like the quiet environment inside and outside. My friends are calm and quiet. Canbury means to give me a lot of homework also I like the children doing charity work.
Shaaiyon, Year 7

I like my learning at Canbury. It makes my learning easy and enjoyable, and I’ve realised that I prefer this system to one in my previous school, as now I can track my homework and marks I get for it. At Canbury School my goal is to learn, get as many house points and enjoy my study. I think Canbury is a good place for me to be happy in life and get my education. I think that Canbury has changed me since that day I came for my first day.  I feel more confident, more outgoing, and more able to learn new things. I hope that going forward I will improve even more.
Ain, Year 7

Before I came to Canbury I was not keen on school and had no real passion for learning, my family were telling me I needed to get a new school. By chance my Mum and Dad found Canbury, at this point I really did not want to change school but I knew I had to. The only thing was I would have to leave the people I had grown up with but my parents told me, “you will still have them in your life Joe no matter what”.

So a few weeks after Christmas I went to visit Canbury to have a tour of the school and met Mrs Clancy. After I had finished the tour and while making my way back home I was not sure about Canbury and I just really didn’t think it would suit me. That night I thought to myself about Canbury and said to myself, I could actually make this the start of my own good life. The next morning I told my parents I want to go and have a trial at Canbury School, they were really excited for me. So I arrived at Canbury School on a Monday to try it out and as soon as that day had finished my whole feeling changed and my whole mindset changed and I thought I could actually enjoy it here. There was so much help in the lessons, the teachers would not let you start slouching or become unfocused. I was playing football with Sutton United U13 when I was on my trial and I thought Canbury was missing one thing and that was sport. So my trial ended on the Wednesday and it was time to decide if I wanted to go to Canbury but I wondered if it was sporty enough, as soon as I was about to leave the building the sports teacher Mr Orchard came up to me and said, “we have a badminton tournament tomorrow Joe, you can come if you want and we have a football one next Thursday”. At that point I knew it was the right school for me. I went in the next day to play the tournament and I was doubled up with someone and we did well and reached the quarter final. I said to my parents, “I want to start Canbury on Monday”.

A few months in and I thought the teachers wanted me to be a bit of a robot, but I finally realised to myself that it’s just that I’m not reaching my full potential and so I tried their way and by the end of the academic year my grades had improved. From this point I can say Canbury is an amazing school and I could not ask for more brilliant teachers and great students. You have so many chances to be the best possible person you can be. There are so many sports and the best sport teacher I have ever had. Mr Orchard has really helped me with my running which has massively helped my football and football is a really important part of my life.
Joe, Year 10