The School

Canbury School is a small school with 75 students from the ages of 11 to 18.  We aim to provide an exceptionally high level of individual care and tuition is offered to all students in classes of no more than 16.

The Benefits

The benefits of being so small are numerous:

  • Every student has the opportunity to showcase his or her individual strengths
  • Students needing learning support are quickly identified and interventions put in place
  • Students develop self-confidence and make friends more easily
  • Higher levels of participation are achieved in and out of class
  • Each student has a greater chance of experiencing a position of responsibility, such as being a prefect, house captain or member of the School Council
  • Teachers and support staff know every student
  • Teaching is differentiated to suit the needs of each student

Canbury Bursaries

The Canbury Bursary Scheme exists to provide financial support both to parents of those applying for entry to the School and for current parents who find themselves in financial difficulties whilst their sons or daughters are at the School.  These means-tested bursaries are assessed each academic year.

Please contact the Bursar for further details on 020 8549 8622 or via email at [email protected]





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