Yr9 Options Programme



Year 9 Options Programme

In the Spring term, we begin the Year 9 Options Programme by issuing an information booklet for students and their parents to help them make the right choices for their GCSEs. We provide information about each subject we offer, the course code and further opportunities for each subject as students consider their post-16 education when they leave Canbury. Our aim is for KS4 students to study the number of GCSEs suitable to their academic ability and personal strengths. We offer the facility for student to take up to nine subjects. Students are encouraged to keep their choices as balanced and broad as possible.

All students are required to take GCSE English, Mathematics and Sciences: Science and Additional Science; as part of their core studies.
Students will make four options choices. Students who opt not to take Spanish, will be entered for BTEC Travel and Tourism, Level 2.

It is strongly recommended that any student who has the ability, takes Spanish. In addition, students cannot take all three Creative Arts options; they must only select two from the choices available.

The options for the academic year 2017/18 are:

  • Spanish or BTec Travel and Tourism Level 2;
  • Art or ICTQ Level 2 Certificate;
  • History or Design and Technology (Graphic Products);
  • Business Studies or Photography

It is possible to follow GCSE Geography or a short course in GCSE in PE in addition to the above depending on students’ option choices and numbers per course each year.

Occasionally there are students for whom the curriculum needs to be more bespoke.  When such a situation occurs, the school will discuss with subject staff and offer the student and parents the opportunity to follow a different programme.

Concerns regarding SEND and examination access arrangements, are reviewed with our SENCO/Examinations Officer.  Parents and students then have the opportunity to discuss specific subjects at the Year 9 options/parents’ evening in May with final decisions made by the following  half term.

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