Parent Guide



The Start of Term

Each term starts at 08.10 on the advertised date.  
Please arrive at school in plenty of time.

Timings of the School Day

Every school day begins with Registration at 8.10.  
Students should arrive in good time for this but not before 7.45.
If they are late they must ‘sign in’ in the School Office. 

Every day includes a Break of 20 minutes at 10:15 and a Lunch Break lasting 55 mins beginning at 12.35. 

Canbury School holds assemblies once a week.
The end of the school day is at 15.35 and unless they have been asked to remain at school or are attending extra-curricular clubs, students should be off the premises by 16.30.

Absence from School and Lateness

If a student is to be absent or late on a particular day, Parents or Carers should call or email the school office by 8.10 at the latest. The school will contact Parents or Carers by 9.00 for any unexplained absences.


Students have lunch together at 12.35. They should bring packed lunches from home. Facilities for reheating food are available. 

Students should not bring in fizzy drinks, anything that contains nuts and/or caffeine and any noodle based foods that require boiling water to prepare.

School Uniform

Our school uniform is sold in Bentalls or online

Sports Activities’ 

All students have one P.E. class lesson every week. In addition, one games afternoon each week is dedicated to all students engaging in a range of sporting activities. Students are offered a wide variety of options. For all of these sports we use excellent local facilities such as Albany Park Canoe and Sailing Centre, Kingsmeadow Stadium and Wimbledon Park tennis courts.

Books, Stationery etc

All textbooks are provided by the school and lent to students for the duration of their use. The school also provides exercise books and other necessary stationery as part of the school fee. The Maths folder is supplied by the school for which there is a charge.

  • Pencils - HB and a set of 12 colouring pencils
  • A pen; a handwriting pen - BEROL or similar is best but biros are acceptable. If you have concerns regarding your child’s handwriting, we would suggest you talk to your child’s current teacher for advice
  • Rubber, protractor, 30cm ruler, 30/60 and 45/45 set squares pencil sharpener, pair of compasses
  • A Casio Scientific calculator is recommended by the school.
  • Green, pink and yellow highlighters
  • Mini whiteboard pen


  • A range of drawing pencils (2B, 4B, etc) pencil sharpener, a rubber and a glue stick (Pritt or similar).
  • Overall (or old shirt) suitable for use in the Art Room.

Show My Homework (SMHW)

At the start of the year students and parents are issued with log-ins for SMHW. All homework is uploaded by staff and both students and parents can access the homeworks, deadlines dates and resources.

Detention etc

Detentions can be issued for break, lunchtime and after school. For one hour after school detentions, parents will be notified 24 hours in advance.

Reports and Examinations

Academic reports are sent to parents every half term, with a full written report at the end of the Summer term.

All years are assessed regularly and at the end of the Summer term they all undertake End of Year Examinations in all subjects. 

Years 10 and 11 have regular assessments depending on the requirements of the particular subject they are studying for which they will be given a GCSE level. 


We strongly recommend that students do not bring valuable possessions to school. They should not bring more money to school than they really need for that day. The school is not responsible for the insurance of students’ property. All students are provided with a secure locker. All are advised to take responsibility for all their possessions, especially during PE and Games sessions. All possessions and clothing must be CLEARLY NAMED.

Mobile Phones and Other Devices

Students at Canbury School have full access to ICT facilities throughout the school for their Teaching and Learning as well as for extra-curricular activities. In line with our Student Code of Conduct and6 our Safeguarding and Acceptable Use Policies, students are not allowed to use their mobile phones in the school building during the school day. All student mobile phones or any other devices (BYOD) must be locked in their lockers off or on silent during school hours. Year 7 may leave their devices in the school office. Students will be able to use their devices only in the playground at break and lunchtime by logging on to the school WiFi.

Please Keep in Touch!

Parents are most welcome to come and see the Headmistress and teachers. We can usually have a brief word, but if you seek a longer appointment, please call the Secretary first in order to avoid disappointment. 

The End of Term

We normally end the term at 12.00 on the advertised day.