Business Studies



Business Studies

The GCSE Business Studies course aims develop students’ knowledge and understanding of business theory and practice as well as develop the essential analysis and communication skills necessary to cultivate successful business opportunities.

This GCSE specification requires students to:

  • actively engage in the study of business to develop as effective and independent learners and critical and reflective thinkers
  • use an enquiring approach to distinguish facts and opinions and make informed judgements
  • develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range contexts
  • appreciate the range of perspectives of different stakeholders
  • consider ethics and sustainability of business activity.

Students are also expected to develop the following skills:

  • practical skills in time management, personal organisation and action planning
  • presentational skills in addressing audiences using a variety of media and forms
  • personal skills in showing evidence of progression
  • interpersonal skills in communication and group work
  • cognitive skills in reflection and review of their own and others’ performances

The topics covered are:

Theme 1 (Year 10) - Investigating a small business

  • 1.1
    Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • 1.2
    Spotting a business opportunity
  • 1.3
    Putting a business idea into practice
  • 1.4
    Making the business effective
  • 1.5
    Understanding external influences on business

Theme 2 (Year 11) - Building a business

  • 2.1
    Growing the business
  • 2.2
    Making marketing decisions
  • 2.3
    Making operational decisions
  • 2.4
    Making financial decisions
  • 2.5
    Making human resource decisions

Post 16 studies – BTEC Business Studies

This course comprises three papers – an internal assessment, an external assessment and a written exam.

Students will study four modules:

  • Exploring business
  • Developing a marketing campaign
  • Personal and business finance
  • + one additional unit