The History Department aims to foster a love of the past in all students and to help them develop an understanding of what happened, why and with what consequences. Students will develop a range of skills through the use and evaluation of historical source material, extended writing and oral work.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

In Year 7 students begin with a look at how we know about the past and build on their previous experience of History by studying Anglo-Saxon Britain, setting the scene for the Norman invasion. They then move on to investigate what life was like for the ordinary people in Medieval England followed by an assessment of our Medieval monarchs with a particular focus on William I, Henry II, John and Richard III.

In Year 8 students study Britain 1500-1750 looking especially at the religious and political changes of the Tudor and Stuart period. This is followed by a study of Black People of the Americas from slavery to Civil Rights.

In Year 9 students study Britain 1750-1900, focusing on the Industrial Revolution and its consequences for the nation. This is followed by an investigation of aspects of 20th Century World History including the causes and consequences of the two world wars.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Students follow the OCR Explaining the Modern World History syllabus. In Year 10 we focus on 20th Century World History and Germany 1925 – 1955. In Year 11, students continue with their study of Germany 1925 – 1955. Students then study aspects of British history focussing on the change in the balance of power between king and parliament, the English Reformation and castles.

The use of ICT is encouraged across the curriculum especially for research assignments, presentations and the viewing of video clips on YouTube.