Learning Spanish at Canbury is a unique and exciting experience!

As the second most spoken language in the world we understand what enriching opportunities the skill of speaking Spanish can bring. Learning a language comes hand in hand with discovering the cultures of Hispanic countries and this forms an integral part of

lessons which in turn helps our students to become worldly, tolerant and open-minded citizens.

KS3 lessons are fast paced and motivating, featuring games, songs, video clips and competitions. At home, students use the online programmes Memrise, Duolingo and tasks set on Show my homework to practice vocabulary and to extend and consolidate their work in class.

Following changes to the GCSE, lessons at KS3 focus carefully on translation skills as well as spontaneous speaking and writing so that students are well prepared for the transition to KS4.

At KS4 we use the Edexcel exam board which tests students on listening (25%), reading (25%), speaking (25%) and writing (25%). By the end of the course students will have covered up to 10 tenses and will be able to discuss and write about current topics in Spanish such as social media, global issues and future aspirations.

Through learning Spanish students have the opportunity to build their confidence, develop their literacy, stimulate their memory, experience new cultures and enjoy learning an impressive new skill.